Greenburgh Academy Principal's Letter

June 26, 2018

Welcome to the start of our summer school program! The warm days are here, and we have just celebrated our 8th Graders’ “Moving-Up” Ceremony and our seniors’ High School Graduation – Good Luck to everyone! I would also add that we have just mailed out our Fourth Quarter Report Cards, as well as our IEP Quarterly Updates. You will notice that new for this quarter, Instructional Improvement Plan comments are now embedded in our Report Cards – they appear as the third comment to a specific Report Card grade. These comments look to highlight the new strategies that staff/students will look to utilize in summer school, so as to proactively prevent further academic failure.

A moment should also be taken to thank all those folks who made our end of school year celebrations so memorable: Thank-you to our PTO Officers – Ms. Green and Ms. Zagado; Our County Executive – Mr. George Latimer; BOE member – Dr. Robert Hendrickson; The Yonkers Police Department – especially the members of the 4th Precinct and our Superintendent of Schools – Dr. Carolyn McGuffog.

On behalf of the Greenburgh Academy’s Faculty and Staff, I would also like to take a moment to celebrate the many accomplishments of this Year’s program:

1) The opening of our School’s Art Gallery – please stop by, and walk through our Building. Our students’ Artwork adorns our Hallways.
2) We have established a Greenburgh Academy Parent Teacher Organization, and registered the group with (A National Support Group for PTO’s).
3) We have established a chapter of the National Honor Society at Greenburgh Academy.
4) We have established a chapter of the National Arts Honor Society.
5) We have established a Student Council, and have it registered with the National Association of Student Councils.
6) We have established a chapter of Phi-Delta-Kappa (The International Educator’s Honor Society) on our campus.
7) Our students are registered to now participate in the Educators Rising Program.
8) We have three AP Courses registered with the College Board.
9) Our students are now registered to participate in the President’s Education Awards Program.
10) Students are now being offered the Edgenuity® Program for credit recovery. This program will greatly enhance our students’ ability to graduate on-time, and end the instructional frustration that has hindered their prior educational progress.
11) Greenburgh Academy is now registered to participate in the SMARTS® Program – which looks to assist students in strengthen /acquiring key Executive Functions.
12) Our School is now participating in the “Overcoming Obstacles”® Program – a Life-Skills curriculum that looks to assist students with the acquisition of “key” skills necessary for the many transitions that they will face in life.
13) We have a new offering on this Web-page, an Alumni Corner. The “Corner” will allow former graduates an opportunity to see what their colleagues are up to, and perhaps share some news of their own. If you have anything that you would like to share with us, please feel free to reach out to Ms. Nagorny – at
14) We will be expanding our Transition Program to include three brand new CTE/CDOS course offerings – A Personal Trainer program; A Music Production Program and a Graphic Arts Program.

Folks should also remember the following Summer School Dates:
1. Monday – July 9th: The start of Summer School.
2. Thursday – August 16th and Friday – August 17th: Regents Exams.
3. Friday – August 17th: Report Cards / IEP Quarterly Update Reports are due.
4. Friday – August 17th: Summer School ends.

We would also like to wish all of our families a healthy, happy and safe summer season - and to continue to encourage your children to work on their I-Ready Math and Reading Lessons – so as to prevent academic regression over the summer. Please feel free to also utilize the following website - - it will provide you with information on how to access free reading resources through the New York Public Libraries.

And finally, a word of thanks to three very special Greenburgh Academy Family Members –

To Wanda Doyle – who after 39 years of teaching in our District, has decided to retire. Ms. Doyle is an exceptional individual, who has put her heart and soul into every one of those 39 years – she will be sorely missed by all. Good health and much happiness in your retirement!

To Jairo Campuzano – who after 15 years of service as our Building’s Maintenance Engineer, will be retiring. Mr. Campuzano has taken very good care of our School, and has made a wonderful environment for all of us to come to each day. Good health and much happiness in your retirement!

To Ms. Shellian Heredia – our Assistant Principal. Ms. Heredia will be leaving us to venture forth in her Administrative Career, after doing much to improve the learning environment for both our staff and students. Good health and much happiness in your future endeavors!

As always, in service to you –

David R. Gualtiere
Principal of the Greenburgh Academy